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About the book

Map Projections for Babies explains how we view the round Earth on paper. This guide for babies (and their loved ones) describes the concept of stretching and bending the globe to make a map. The vibrant and technical graphics illustrate unique map projection examples, ranging from common shapes - like circles and squares - to intricate shapes - like hearts and butterflies. Build a solid foundation of learning for your baby with this kid-friendly board book about a complex concept.

What early reviewers have to say

Tom Patterson, US National Park Service
"To a small child our planet is a big place. To help parents explain how to fit it onto a flat piece of paper as a thing called a map, Dan Ford has written the ideal picture book: Map Projections for Babies. Clear illustrations coupled with concise text show how world maps come in many forms, from circles to squares and even triangles. The delightful pages will pique your child’s interest in maps."

Tom Patterson
US National Park Service (retired)
"This book is a wonderful introduction to why we need projections to transform the spherical earth onto a flat map and all of the fun shapes that those projections can form a world map into! Map Projections for Babies' prose and illustrations are simple enough to entertain your baby, while still teaching adults a thing or two. It's a must have for anyone who finds joy in maps!"

Aly Ollivierre
National Geographic Maps

More about Map Projections for Babies

The round Earth on paper

Map Projections for Babies encourages early learning and communication by providing a board book on a topic that excites the reader. It's a child's first introduction to maps and how we communicate about our round planet.

Learn together

Encourage growing minds by sharing a learning experience with your baby or gifting the book to a friend who loves maps. Vibrant illustrations will captivate young readers and adults may just walk away with a fast fact!
Map Projections for Babies by Dan Ford

Growing young minds

This book was inspired three-fold by my inquisitive daughter, my love for maps, and a growing number of board books that condense complex concepts for babies.

Community support

The first print run of this book was made possible with the support of 352 Kickstarter Backers. Together we raised 150% of our goal in 30 days.

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Dan Ford, Author and Illustrator of Map Projections for Babies

About the author

By day, I am a cartographer and conservationist who works to preserve land. I love to learn and spend most of my free time [after the baby goes to sleep] studying new software technologies, building my knowledge in programming, and designing maps. Over the past ten years I have worked on conservation projects, led one of the largest community groups for map enthusiasts in the US, and launched a map design business that gives back to our planet. Now, with inspiration from my daughter, who blows me away with her quick wit and desire to learn, I’m writing and illustrating books that will help her and her friends learn about maps!
I wrote and illustrated Map Projections for Babies as a gift for my daughter. Now I'm making this board book available to more families!
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Dan Ford

Introducing, the Earth

Map Projections for Babies

a board book about how we make flat maps of the round Earth

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Dan Ford, Author "Map Projections for Babies"